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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> i killed her. >> reporter: tonight that 911 call is shedding light on a possible motive for murder. >> storm team4, the reason we have the rain and we've got falling temperatures, but if you think this is cold, wait until you see what's in store for your weekend. >> in virginia, the stakes are high, the race is tight, and the polls close in less than an hour. >> we have team coverage of the governor's race and what it says about our president. >> announcer: news4 begins now with storm team4. >> people outside bundled up with their umbrellas. we told you it was coming and tonight we are in weather alert mode as the rain moves in and the temperatures drop. >> if you think it's bad right now, well, just wait until the weekend. doug kammerer tracking the impact on you and your family from storm center 4. hey, doug. >> guys, i tell you the rain coming down, it's not the rain. it's the really cold temperatures that make this afternoon and evening really quite brutal out there. the wind chill right now in the 30s. look terrain, still coming down. storm team4 radar track it for
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starting to get some breaks in parts of the area towards frederick back towards the west. look at this, right through the metro area, 50 right on out through 66, i-95, baltimore, fredericksburg we are seeing it heavy. right into fairfax county, right around herndon and reston, city of fairfax seeing heavy rain over towards centerville and chantilly that rain continues. notice to the north, this is snow fall. that's the kind of cold air that we have in here and we're going to have to wait until all this moves through before it comes to an end and it will be over the next couple of hours. so, a few more hours of rain continuing. look at these temperatures. these are not wind chills. these are the actual temperatures. 43 in d.c., 38 in hagerstown. and if i told you we could be 20 degrees colder than that this weekend, yeah. you see where that puts us. we'll talk much more about this weather, the forecast for your weekend. i'll see you back here in minutes. >> doug, thank you. motive for murder, a man tells 911 dispatchers that he killed his girlfriend in a
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chopper 4 was over the scene as our crew hit the ground, gathering reaction from neighbors who woke up to the sound of sirens. news4's meagan fitzgerald is in silver spring to tell us what happened. >> reporter: yeah, doreen, 911 dispatchers say he snapped after his girlfriend, quote, spent all the money. then he confessed to killing her. we spoke with neighbors in the community who asked us to conceal their identity. >> i was going out to get a newspaper and that is when i, um, noticed the police cars arriving. >> reporter: the morning for many neighbors on bradbury manor court started with a murder investigation. yards away, montgomery county police were walking in and out of this home, securing the area with crime scene tape all while their neighbors stood outside in handcuffs. >> this right here was shocking, very shocking. >> st
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>> reporter: chopper 4 was flying above when officers were dispatched to this house. they were told of the suspect made a confession. >> all he said is it's bad and that i killed her. >> reporter: and also revealing a possible motive. >> he said he's outside with his hands on the truck. that she spent all the money and that he stabbed and he is crying now. >> reporter: we spoke with several neighbors who didn't want to go on camera, but say the suspect and his girlfriend seemed like nice people which is why this man says he was shocked when he saw the suspect walking away in handcuffs for allegedly murdering his girlfriend. >> they took pictures of his hands and they took pictures of his body. he was an resistant. >> reporter: no, this wasn't what neighbors thought they'd see when they woke up this morning. but this woman says looking back, she noticed possible warning signs. >> yeah, police have been called over there quite a few times. but we never gave it a second thought. >> reporter: now police have not confirmed that they were called to the suspect's house multiple
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will be charged with murder. >> all right, meagan fitzgerald live for us in silver spring. megan, thank you. some new details just in on this deadly house fire in prince george's county. investigators say it was arson. they also reveal today that both of the people who died inside were men. now, we first showed you the damage at this home on foot street in seat pleasant last thursday. that house was foreclosed. detectives say both men died of smoke inhalation. they are working to figure out how the fire started. now to some disturbing new developments about the gunman behind the worst mass shooting in texas history. devin kelley escaped from a psychiatric facility in new mexico in 2012. police say he also tried to sneak guns onto a nearby military base making death threats against his superiors there. tonight the pentagon is investigating a major mistake by the air force that allowed kelley to buy the assault rifle used in sunday's attack. nbc's sara doll off has more on the investigation and a closer lok
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>> reporter: the shooting at the first baptist church started without warning sunday. investigators recovered 15 empty magazines and hundreds of spent shells. >> when the first call came in to wilson county sheriff's office arrived within four minutes. i can tell you, four minutes is a long time during an active shooter situation. >> reporter: newly uncovered police documents showed kelley escaped a mental health facility months before being convicted of a sulting his first wife and infant stepson fracturing the baby's skull. the domestic violent conviction should have made it illegal for him to purchase firearms. but in a statement the air force admits kelley's court martial was never entered into the national criminal database. >> we take responsibility and we're going to find out what happened. and fix it. >> reporter: 48 hours after the shooting, texas investigators are forwarding the gunman's locked cell phone on to an fbi crime lab. hoping to gain access to it and any clues it may hold.
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officials say all 26 victims have now positively been identified and the families notified. in sutherland springs, texas, sara doll off, nbc news. >> and with that, the names and faces of the dead are slowly coming into focus. >> they include eight members of the holcomb family, three generations nearly wiped out in a matter of moments. tonight survivors like rose ann solis are leaving the hospital to recover at home. as this grandmother lies in bed, she remembers lying on the floor of her church under a pew, watching bullets splinter the carpet. >> and i could see him, his feet, walking back and forth through the aisles and he stopped and everybody thought, you know, it's going to be okay. everybody is going to be okay. and then he started again. and i told the lord, you know, i want to live, father, i want to live. i don't want to die. i don't want to die. i don't. >> solis sa
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was singing when the shooting started. she says she's too afraid to go back to church. from now on she plans to study the bible at home. >> so, new information tonight about the dallas man arrested outside the white house last night. michael posted a death threat against president trump on facebook and threatened to kill white police officers. that is according to court documents. his stranged wife saw the postings and alerted police who tipped off the secret service. yesterday a secret service agent spotted him in lafayette park and overheard him asking someone if police in the area were carrying real guns. >> now to a nail-biter in virginia as voters brave the rain and cold to cast their ballots. the polls close in less than an hour in the commonwealth. >> and everybody is watching the closely contested governor's race. republican ed gillespie voted today in fairfax county. his democratic arrive 58, lieutenant governor northam voted in norfolk. it could signal
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trump stands almost a year into his presidency. >> our experienced team is checking the pulse of the people at the polls. let's start with bureau chief julie carey. she's in fairfax. hi, julie. >> reporter: hi, doreen. we have ducked the rain and moved inside the polling place here at robinson high school where i can tell you the pace has pilkd up a little bit in the last hour. the latest voter turnout numbers show about 46% of registered voters have cast their ballots in fairfax county, if you fold in the absentee ballots as well. and that already equals the level of voting four years ago. still, you know, we don't expect it to look like a presidential election year inside these polling places in these off-year elections, but in spite of that, voters have been coming in at a steady clip. we've been to precincts in loudoun and fairfax county. this race being watched nationally as a possible referendum on president trump's tenure so far. here's what voters had to say. the first two cast their ballots for ralph
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for ed gillespie. >> to me this is a referendum on what you believe in this country and i have a hard time voting for any republican candidate at this time. >> it's unfortunate, i am not against the republican party, but i'm pretty against trump so that's why i voted democratic today. >> i voted republican because i believe in what the party represents and they have my full support going forward. >> reporter: now, there is an issue bubbling up. we first heard about it yesterday from the prince william county naacp and today you're looking at a tweet sent out by the aclu that reads, we are getting reports of calls to virginia voters falsely saying their polling places have changed. now, the fairfax county registrar says they have also received some complaint calms about this today. it raises a question about whether some outside group is trying to suppress turnout. certainly something that is going to wanto
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told the issue is not widespread. we'll be leaving this polling place and be going nearby to george mason university. that's where democrats will be gathering tonight. right now we are going to head down to my colleague david culver. >> reporter: and, julie, i wish i could say the weather was better down here. it is not. another cold and rainy one. but folks in this particular polling place, this is a short pump area, have been coming at a good clip. this line continues now into the evening. it's interesting, i was just looking up some of the history when it comes to voters here in this region. henreico has been going bluer and bluer. if you come to this particular polling place, i notice only gillespie signs around the entire school here which is why his watch party is only held down the road from this location. but if you go to prince william county that's where we were earlier today, it was interesting to note their history. if you go back to the last general election, just last
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year, hillary clinton dominated that area with 20 points over what donald trump got. and if you go back to the last race that ed gillespie was in up in prince william county, that was 2014 when he ran for senate, he got less than 3 points from mark warner who was running against him at the time and who won that race. but it was much closer. it was interesting talking to voters. they seem to be focused on the economy, some on immigration concerns, also some admitted that they were using this election to express either their support or disapproval of president trump. and parties aside, some even tell me they were most impressed by the overall get out the vote effort. >> what i've really been impressed with is the number of people that knocked on my door, left me text messages and calls. >> it is a strong effort, very strong. we are excited because we have a first-time voter. our 18-year-old son who just disappeared because he didn't want to talk to you guys. >> reporter: he exercised his right for the first time. >> we talked about how important that is and we're both retired military and said, you know
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so it's important. >> reporter: here was the one thing that everyone i spoke with agreed on today, and that is right now watching our air, watching tv, especially the commercial breaks, it's the most pleasant experience because those ads, doreen and aaron, no longer running. >> you know it, david. i heard that from so many people. i'm sure you have, too, aaron. >> tomorrow will be a new day for sure. >> that's right. welcome back if you've been avoiding all those nasty political ads. thank you, david. it is a big night and there's more than just the governor's race. we are following 70 races in virginia and maryland. head to our nbc washington app to find all the returns and analysis and stay with news4 for updates on the air throughout the night leading up to full coverage on news4 at 11:00. >> growing calls for gun control after the texas church massacre. >> up next, the one thing that both political parties agree on. >> and news4 i-team is getting results after their series on
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tonight the action one lawmaker is trying to take to ease the burdensome customers. >> and a warning before you drink that next glass of wine or beer with dinner. the surprising link
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region. the rain continues. as a matter of fact, take a look out on the beltway here. traffic a big mess all across the area. this is a view of the american legion bridge. taking a look as we move in towards virginia. it is just a mess out there tonight. so, if you're waiting for your loved ones, they're going to need a little extra time to get home this evening. take a look terrain fall, still coming down here around our region. notice the back edge of this, just back to the west, it does continue to fill in, but it's all back towards west virginia. this will move through over the next couple of hours and behind it, we stay on the cool side until the real cold comes in. yeah, this is nothing. download the nbc washington app right now. you can always get the latest forecast in your neighborhood with the app, and remember, we put that in ourselves right here from the storm center. >> all right, doug, thank you. president trump is in south korea right now and taking a different tone regarding north korea, but he's also fielding a lot of questions about gun safety. those questions are coming to the forefront as
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about the gunman in sunday's texas church massacre. blayne alexander is tracking it all for us. blayne? >> reporter: and, doreen, certainly learning a lot more about that gunman, including the fact that he escaped from a mental facility back in 2012. now, that is just adding to the great deal of frustration here in washington on capitol hill from both parties looking at how this happened again and how to stop it in the future. today different answers to that question from both sides. it is a debate that is stretching all the way to president trump traveling in asia. president trump in north korea's backyard, taking a softer tone. >> i really believe that it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal. >> reporter: the president setting aside his talk of fire and fury at a news conference with south korea's president. but when asked about gun control back home, president trump not budging. pointing instead to the good
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in during sunday's massacre in texas. >> if he didn't have a gun, instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more ded. >> reporter: back on capitol hill, both parties blaming the air force for not properly flagging the alleged shooter's history of domestic violence and bad conduct discharge which would have stopped him from buying a gun. >> what happened, what happened? why, why something like this could take place? >> 26 wonderful people might be alive today if the law had been followed by the united states military. >> reporter: second amendment supporters arguing enforce existing laws and offering words of comfort. >> i first want to express my deep sorrow for the people of sutherland springs. >> we are grieving with them and that we are praying for their community. >> i know what they're going through, and i know how important the power of prayer is. >> reporter: but critics demanding lawmakers move beyond words
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and today republican senator from texas, john cornyn, called on both parties to support a bill that approves background check and make sure the military is up loading the correct information. >> blayne alexander on the hill. thank you. i-team investigation getting results tonight. we told you how some of d.c.'s historic cemeteries are in danger of shutting down because they can't afford to pay skyrocketing water bills. today a d.c. council man introduced a bill that would lower the fee causing the problem here. investigative reporter jody fleischer in the newsroom with the proposal and the impact it would have. jody. >> reporter: this could have a huge impact since some cemeteries have bills in hundreds of thousands of dollars. most of it is that one fee. d.c. water has agreed to look at the fairness of how the fee is calculated for all customers, but this bill would address the immediate need facing the cemeteries. council man brandon todd introduced the legislation this afternoon. it would exempt the cemeteries private roads and parking lots from
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determines how much each customer pays. the fee goes up based on the square footage of the property that is made of concrete or other surfaces likely to increase stormwater runoff like rooftops and sidewalks. the cemeteries would still pay part of the fee, but the bills would be significantly lower if the legislation passes. >> rock creek is the oldest in the city. four supreme court justices are buried there. there is so much history and we would hate to see their doors closed. so, certainly it's incumbent upon us in the city to do what we can to help them. >> reporter: d.c. water says those high fees are necessary to pay for a huge project to build underground tunnels which will keep sewage and stormwater from flooding into our rivers. the water rates committee is already slated to talk about the fees at its next meeting that is next tuesday. the impact on cemeteries and the larger faith community is likely to come up during that meeting. now, we have heard from many of you since we started reporting on all of these
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the d.c. council now plans to hear from the public. that meeting is lated for next friday. because water is separate from d.c. government , it is unclear anything the council does would be binding. jody fleischer, news4 i-team. >> we know you'll stay on top of this, jody. thank you. at 11:00, the d.c. cemetery reacts to today's action by d.c. council. if you missed any of the i-team's investigation into high water bills, you can watch it on your phone right now, just open the nbc washington app and click on investigations. >> grades changed to help more students graduate. now county leaders are demanding answers after allegations rocked one local school district. >> a suspicious white powder sends five kennedy high school staffers to the hospital. i'm pat co
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cold and wet and nasty, it's a weather alert day as rain affects the evening commute. >> even cooler air, i'm going to say cold. just cold air coming. >> very uncomfortable, doug and amelia tracking it from the storm center. >> it's cold out there for sure. you were out there earlier. we talked about the coats. you're saying other layers, too. >> bone chilling with the winds and the rain and it feels like 35 degrees is just a perfect night to be indoors. >> you mentioned the gloves, the hats if you have them, if you're out this evening you definitely want to have those. rain is coming
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being a giant out here. the rain continues to make its way. there we go. annapolis to d.c., towards warrenton. we have the rain. the rain is going to continue as we move through the next couple of hours. the one thing that -- i hate it, it's going to be coal. let's just see snow. rain and cold do not go well together. but that's exactly what's happening 89 aloalong i-95. this is where we're seek the heaviest rain along the beltway at a critical time at night. of course we are talking about the evening rush all the way out 50 towards annapolis seeing that rain, down to the south, warrenton, down twapds culpepper, manassas, wide bridge, quantico, continuing to see the rain. it's going to last for the next couple of hours. we still have some rain to go back to the west here. i think at least another three, four hours of this before we start to see it come to an end. now, with this, the temperatures have dropped. big time. remember yesterday? we were at 76 degrees in the warrenton area. now 35 manassas, it feels like i
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so, an extremely cold day. this is with the wind chill. now, the good news here is tomorrow morning is going to be a little bit better. your wednesday a little bit better than your tuesday, but, amelia, not by much. the one thing we can get rid of is the rain. >> at least it's not going to be raining tomorrow. but we'll keep plenty of clouds around, temperatures warming to 50 degrees. that is not normal for this time of year. it should be in the 60s. shenandoah sky line drive closed due to ice to give you an idea how chilly it is in some locations well to our west. but road conditions tonight for most of us, 95% of us dealing with wet roads as we look to tomorrow morning, still some wet roads because of how much rain we are seeing today. by tomorrow evening it is dry every we are. all in all the weather having a low impact on your wednesday, but definitely want a jacket for the kids at the bus stop, walking the dog. it's chilly but at least it's dry like doug and i were saying. you don't have to wipe their
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after school activities, maybe a shower well south of here. areas like fredericksburg, saint mary's county. forest for most of us it's dry. the end of the week, aaron doesn't want to talk about it getting even colder. >> colder for sure, especially for aaron and those morning guys that are going to be out there because the mornings are going to be especially brutal. temperatures wise out there. take a look at the next couple days, first off the four day forecast showing you 52 degrees on your wednesday. thursday a high temperature of 55. and then notice saturday. saturday going for a high of 42. but look at the overnight low temperatures. into the 20s, 24 in gaithersburg, 19 in winchester, 23 culpepper and extremely cold day for sure. and you combine that with the fact that we're talking winter. how about that winter forecast? we have that for you coming up on thursday, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 i'm going to talk about the chance for cold. talk about the chance for snow, how much snow you could see in your area. that coming up all day on thursday and the neck ten days we're staying on t
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not the cold side, the cold ends on saturday. we think it gets a little bit better, but still well below average all the way through the ten-day forecast. >> it's a fine line between cool and cold, isn't it? >> it is. >> it's very subjective. >> monday never looked so good. >> thank you, doug. >> well, some scary moments at a local high school as staff members get sick and are sent to the hospital. >> our pat collins has that story and the mist rit over what prompted it all. >> and a man on a mission for revenge. police say he set his sights on two local embassies after landing at reagan national. who he wanted to target and why. >> also ahead, why some of you
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back now at 6:30 with the discovery that ended with a hospital trip for some staff members at a montgomery county high school. >> five people taken after they found a white powdery substance in a student's back pack. news4's pat collins has dee nails now from kennedy high school. >> reporter: what happened at kennedy high school today has some parents, well, unsettled. >> i don't even have words. i mean, these are kids. where would a child get something like this? i don't have words. >> reporter: concerned? >> yes. yes, very. >> reporter: five kennedy high school staffers sent to the hospital for
6:32 pm
described as a suspicious white powder. derrick turner is the spokesman for montgomery county schools. what did they complain of, do you know? >> right now we are hearing a little bit of dizziness, bit of discomfort. we are waiting to hear more details. >> reporter: sources tell the story this way. they say the staffers were searching a teenage boy in a conference room, that they found that white powder in a zip lock bag in his back pack. in come the cops. in comes the hazmat crew. out go the staffers to a hospital for evaluation. a note was sent home to parents to explain what happened, and police are trying to determine what that white powder may be. what they can say so far is it's not the dangerous opiate fentanyl. in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. >> a former teacher has bee
6:33 pm
involving an under aged student. latoya parker used to be a high school teacher at saint charles high school in charles county. sheriff's deputies say while she was a teacher, parker solicited the student and showed the minor sexual materials. >> in our other top stories on this tuesday night, a 911 dispatcher says a man confessed to killing his girlfriend after getting into an argument over money in silver spring. that man was waiting for police when they arrived at his town home off columbia pike. the name of the victim and suspect names have not been released. >> more troubling details about the gunman who killed 26 people at a small church in texas. devin kelley ee escaped from a sie psychiatric facility in 2012. he was found, a police report said kelley wans made death threats to superior officers in the air force. he is accused of opening fire during sunday services. police are trying to figure out if he was trying to target his mother-in-law. >> it looks like the virginia governor's race could come d
6:34 pm
the trump factor has eyes across the nation looking at this race. the polls close in less than half an hour now. a short time ago we learned that nearly half of registered voters in fairfax county have voted, same for alexandria. we are also hearing from some voters got robocalls falsely saying their poliling locations had changed. that prompted a social media a all right about locations. >> a man is accused of the attacking two embassies in northwest d.c. he told the secret service he flew into reagan national airport last friday. saturday morning he says he set a fire inside the fence at the embassy of malaysia. then threw a rock through a window of the austrian embassy. court documents suggest seager chose the embassies for what he perceived to be the role of those countries in the death of a north korean official. >> if you work in montgomery county, you could be getting a pay raise. the county council unanimously approved a bill to increase the minimum wage.
6:35 pm
says he will sign it. now, this bill raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour from the current 11.50 an hour. large employers have to comply by july 1st 2021, small employers by july 1st, 2024. one worker told us the pay hike will helper take care of her family. >> i'll have more money to be able to pay rent. >> translator: to buy the groceries. able to save a little bit. >> now, the montgomery county chamber of commerce says raising the minimum wage puts businesses in the county at a competitive disadvantage. and here's a closer look now at how maryland compares. the federal minimum wage is 7.25 an hour. that is also the minimum wage in virginia. d.c.'s minimum wage is 12.50 right now. that rate will climb to $15 an hour in 2020. well, up nextyo
6:36 pm
remember what it was like being a teenager? >> pressure from your family, friends, coaches, well now add social media to that. it's not easy to juggle all of it. coming up, parents hear from their children about the challenges they face every day and how they can help their kids cope. >> who is responsible, who will be fired, and what happens to students who graduated although they weren't qualified? these are just some of the questions that the prince george's county council asked the ceo of the prince george's county school system. answers next. on news4. >> we've got the rain. we've got the cold, how much longer are they going to stick around? the rain, that gets outs of here. cold, nah, that's not leaving
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
some serious problems are uncovered at a local school system. parents just want to see things fixed. >> instead, there are a lot of fingers being pointed over grade changing. infighting is getting worse
6:39 pm
county and as our bureau chief tracee wilkins explains, now the governor is weighing in. >> under know circumstance will we betray the trust of our whistle-blowers. >> reporter: edward burrow says teachers and administrators who trusted him with what they knew resulted in the state investigating alleged grade changing in order to boost the county's graduation rate. >> we said there were hundreds of students that didn't meet the requirements for graduation. we said that grades were changed without the knowledge of our consent of teachers. all of that is backed up by this report. >> reporter: shortly after the state's report was released on friday, burrows and fellow board member received an e-mail from the board's chair saying in part, if you know whistle blowers who have information regarding the audit or any actions pertinent to such audit, please refer to the board. the chair goes on to threaten sanction if they don't. maryland governor larry hogan weighed in on the he will e-mail saying in part, the obvious implications of this letter are very concerning and the administration will continue to
6:40 pm
to receive the full protection they deserve under the law. mad md senator addressed the threat during a briefing today for elected leaders on the state's investigation. >> it seems like a culture of bullying. >> reporter: during the briefing, prince george's county councilmembers asked school ceo kevin maxwell what he plans to do to fix the system that allowed hundreds of ineligible students to have grades altered so they could graduate. >> we agree there's a lot of things we need to work on. we are not, we are not debating that. >> reporter: maryland state senator anthony muse also running for county executive said the ceo should accept more responsibility. >> with any agency, the buck stops with the leader. >> reporter: parents and the community will have an opportunity to ask questions about this report in an open school board meeting on thursday at 1:00. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> a unique perspective for parents. a closer look at what's causing stress and anxiety in their children's lives and how they cope. a
6:41 pm
why you may want to think twice before drinking that second
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well, if you passed your first or second glass of wine tonight, you probably won't understand any of this. we'll tell you anyway. doctors say that cutting alcohol actually cuts your chances of getting cancer. oncologists blame alcohol for 5% of cancer cases, breast, colon, head and neck cancers all are linked to alcohol. what you drink doesn't matter. how much you drink does, though. the american cancer society recommends that women stick to one alcoholic drink a day, men should limit themselves to two drinks. >> as part of our ongoing series on mental health, we call
6:44 pm
what's on their minds. yesterday we heard from six local high school students willing to share the real stress factors in their lives. today it's their parents' turn to share their point of view. what's it like to be a parent of a kid struggling with issues of stress and pressure? >> it's always felt to me like a race against time. are you going to get this kid through the school process? healthy and whole? or is the environment going to beat them down and they're just going to opt out? it's hard, it's really hard. it breaks my heart when they're stressed out. >> heather glick is max's mother and laura is jacob's mother. while they can understand some of the pressures their sons face, some of them are new. for example, social media. >> it affects them a lot. it really does all it takes is one kid to take a pictu
6:45 pm
all around. >> we played these parents some of our interview with their sons. do your kids talk to you about what's on social media? >> he'll talk about more or less like with him it's the video gaming thing. >> does max talk about what's happening online? >> no, he doesn't. it's at a whole different level. you can't even guess. >> dr. ava is a psychiatrist who treats children and adolescents in our area. she says kids face pressure from multiple sources. >> there are many factors happen at the school, parents, the pressure they are putting on your children who are their children's friends, school mates. and coaches. when you put all of that together and then they have to sit in the classroom for seven hours a day and then they have to do homework and perform well on tests, when you put that together as to what you want on that college application, you can understand why c
6:46 pm
>> stress like that can lead to anxiety. >> so, anxiety is absolutely a biological response to stress generally. you'll have physical manifestations, your heartbeat faster, your palms will be sweaty, your stomach might hurt, you might have a headache. >> where kids live is a indicator of the types of stress they experience. >> there are children that live in environments where there is poor nutrition, a real lack of access to quality in sound education, and then their also living in an area that is more prone to violence and they may know firsthand someone who they cared about that was either a victim of violence or they witnessed it. and those kids on a day-to-day basis are faced with survival. >> but doctor told us the anxiety and stress all children feel needs to be taken seriously. this is something these mothers know all
6:47 pm
and the pressures get more and they get more aware, you look at your child and think, are you going to survive this? >> i think the whole conversation and being there and supporting them and they know i'm there, and that their dad is there, and that we're there to help them. >> tomorrow we'll show you an innovative program that mclean high school uses to train students to help their peers. for more information and resources go to our nbc washington app and search changing minds. >> we told you it is a weather alert day. just in case you need another reminder, it's still going, right, doug? >> it's still going. we're weather alert for the next year or year and a half. it's really amazing, guys, because weather alert because of the cold and rain. if you think about 24 hours ago we were 70 degrees. it is amazing that cold air that moved in here at the same time the moisture came in, the rain heavy at times, you can see it
6:48 pm
notice back to our west, starting to thin out. yes, we still have some showers for the next couple of hours, but the heaviest rain now is going to be over in the d.c. metro area probably in the next one to two hours with more showers through about 9:00, 10:00. bowie over towards annapolis, look at the heavier rain, clinton and waldorf, in through fairfax county, zoom in there. over towards manassas, how about we zoom into fairfax county, city of fairfax coming down 50, 66, all median right there around fairfax. we've got some of that heavy rain coming through annandale and falls church as well. down to the south still dealing with it, in through prince william, fauquier county, down through the south fredericksburg. this is an area that will continue to see the rain the next few hours. the back edges here, it's really all the way back to the west. we're going to see a lot of less rain after this moves through in about the next two hours or so. but still a few more showers. feelsz like temperatures, the wind chill up to 40. we've been in the 30s all afternoon. 32 right now
6:49 pm
a very cold night if you're going to be out. now, here's your future weather taking you hour by hour tonight at 7:00. starting to see the back edge pull out here. by 9:00, 10:00, we're seeing it exit the region. a come isolated showers but all in all we're drive. tomorrow morning starting off dry and cloudy around the d.c. metro area to the north. notice the rain to the south. fredericksburg, waldorf, that could impact your morning commute. during the afternoon still seeing showers to our south. i think d.c. northward will be okay, but watching to see if this comes north a little bit more into places like prince georges, maybe fairfax. that is something i'll have my eye on the next 12 hours or so. your bus stop forecast, a chilly bus stop forecast tomorrow. 47 by recess, up to 52 tomorrow afternoon. at least we are getting into the low 50s tomorrow. and we stay there on thursday. high of 55 and then another cold front moves through early friday morning. and that brings the temperatures down to the 40s. wind chills in the 30s, again, maybe wind chill
6:50 pm
friday evening. if you're heading out friday evening, it's going to be a cold one. look at that, 29 for an overnight low and the city on saturday morning that puts many of you in the upper teens to around 20 degrees. we do moderate somewhat with the chance of showers coming up sunday and monday. still below average, though, as we head towards next week. guys, you know, bundle up. that's what we need to be doing here. >> we got it. >> we'll do that for sure. thank you, doug. still ahead, he's back. john wall returning for the wizards tonight. we're live at capital one arena. >> first hears lester holt with a look ahead at what is on nbc nightly news. >> this church shooter's past including death threats and an escape from a mental facility, describe describe thers
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> sheree burruss headed out on this cold rainy night. she's at capital one arena before the wizards host the mavericks. >> sounds like the wizards are getting their star back tonight. >> yes, guys, they are. talk about how cold it is. the wizards play two of their next games against teams from the western conference. if only they could bring some of that california, texas weather with them so it's not so cold. on paper tonight's match up looks like it should be easy for the wizards. as you said, john wall returns as they are taking on the one in ten dallas mavericks. wall will be back in the lineup tonight and head coac
6:54 pm
will start against the mavericks after missing one game with a shoulder injury. wall scaring afternoon on friday night when he went down on that injury. afterwards even in a sling. his shoulder was on fire, but tonight bliz ards get their wall star back and it is a welcome relief to his head coach. >> you don't feel good without having him on the court. he just brings an edge, an intensity that every team has to focus every second on the court because he goes from zero to 100 in three seconds. he's the ferrari on the court. >> he's, you know, one of the best point guards in the league and our leader of our team so he's going to bring physicality and obviously speed, you know. he's super danger on open court and obviously the court vision, assist, and distributing the ball is going to be key in tonight's game. >> you can tell it is against a not so good dallas team. i p
6:55 pm
not the case for the washington capitals looking to extend their longest win streak of the season. a quick turn around for them tonight, it's a back to back home and away series. here last night, but on the road tonight. the capitals looking to extend their win streak to a season best four straight tonight in buffalo. capitals put to the test by one of the league's worst teams, but john carlson's first goal of the season. you see it there, the difference in over time against the coyotes. but no time to celebrate. the capitals hopping on a plane heading up to buffalo. tonight their second game of a back to back. and their head coach shows how tough these stretches can be. >> i think in back that backs, we talk about being mentally tough, of just getting your job done in that moment. whatever that moment is, executing that play, back to backs is where you really want to keep it simple and smart. little things like that add up
6:56 pm
so, to me it's more about mental toughness than it is about anything about conditioning or anything like that. >> puck drops tonight at 7:00. we have devastating news from the baseball world. former blue jays and philly pitcher roy halladay killed in a small plane crash. that crash happening earlier today off the western coast of florida just north of tampa. investigators looking into what caused that crash. halladay was one of the best pitchers in the last 20 years. duck, as he was called, won 203 games in a 16-year career with the blue jays and the phillies. holiday was an a-time all star. pitching 20th perfect game in major league history back in 2010 and followed that up with just the second no hitter in postseason history. get this, that's the same year the two-time cy young award winner. fillies tweeting out this statement sayinwe
6:57 pm
over the very tragic news about roy halladay's untimely death. there are no words to describe the sadness the entire philly's family is feeling over the loss of the most respected human being to ever play this game. we pass along our condolences to bran difficult, ryan and braden. the nationals also tweeting we are devastated by the news of roy halladay's passing. our thoughts are with his family, the baseball community and the entire blue jays and phillies organization. certainly a blow to the baseball community and sending our own thoughts and prayers to his family. back here at capital one arena, you see the teams getting warmed up. and get this, the wizards have not beaten the dallas mavericks at home since 2008. so, at one and ten you have to say the odds are in there favor. we'll see you at 11:00 with the highlights. back to you. >> tonight is the night for the wizards. one more check on our weather with doug. >> i'm going to that game. so, it better not be me
6:58 pm
take a look at this ten-day forecast, guys. i want to show you one more thing here. overnight low temperatures into saturday morning in the 20
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
developing news tonight. the texas church gunman's escape from a mental health facility. were warning signs missed to stop him years before the massacre? as a survivor describes to us how he went pew to pew, taking aim at children. harvey weinstein, how disgraced movie mogul legedly used army of spies to silence accusers. president trump changing his tone, encouraging north korea to make a deal as we get a rare view from the front lines. traveling near the speed of sound. breaking news off florida coach, major league baseball star pitcher killed when plane crashes in the gulf of mexico. and startling new report from nation's top cancer doctors about link between


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